Back with some great news and a little more about our wonderful Yoo2Be Networking groups.

So, what’s new…. Well our Wolves West group has moved venue, not because there were issues with the venue, that’s not been the problem, in fact Patshull Park have been fabulous. The location just wasn’t working to the advantage of our group. So, we had a rethink and we have moved to the Park House Hotel in Shifnal, please do come and support this group and all our other groups.

So back to Yoo2Be being an inclusive group, we pride ourselves on not discriminating and being an inclusive group to all members and guests no matter their businesses etc…. A few meetings back saw us meet a lovely Man and Dog team from DeafnAble, Tom came along with his hearing dog Harley. Tom goes up and down the country teaching lip reading workshops and getting the message across so there is more awareness around deafness. Tom told us some stories about how his deafness has affected him and some of the challenges his faced since having the lovely Harley. One story shocked many of our members and guests but there will be more on this in the coming months and we promise you Tom will be keeping us up to date on events surrounding the story. It is one that no disabled person should have to endure! To learn more about Tom and Harley do visit the website Harley the dog has his own Facebook page Hearing Dog Harley so do keep up with the information and Harley’s adventures.

So, with that all in mind WHY should you choose Yoo2Be? Well here’s why we think you should choose us…… Yoo2Be was founded with you as the focus, the whole Yoo2Be philosophy is about helping and giving to you. In Yoo2Be there are no rules to make you attend meetings, all our members attend because they want too and because they love our ethos and helping each other. We’ve no rules and you are not pressured to bring guests or pass business. Our members do this because they want to help each other grow and develop and they love their groups and they embrace the ethos. You won’t be punished for nonattendance if you are unable due to holidays, appointments, meetings or unforeseen circumstances, if you cannot get a stand in then a fellow member can read out something about your business for you and you will not be forgotten.

Members are given help and coached in building their confidence with public speaking by participating in something called My Story. You are not pressurised, or rushed members will sit there and listen, if you struggle with nervousness in speaking you are not belittled because of it. Yoo2Be big’s you up so to speak and helps you slowly but surely get over your anxieties etc…. You are always the focus and receive rewards as part of a profit share scheme as a member and members also receive cash payment rewards for the growth of their groups which is amazing! No one is pushed out all our members are given a voice in to how their respective groups are run using our proposals system.

All our meetings are professionally structured, this is so we can produce business opportunities and growth with no major pressures. We find those who wish to share business with each other, and this relaxed approach works with our members and it brings in an abundance of business opportunities throughout the network. And before this blog post ends up as too much of an essay, I have chosen one last reason why Yoo2Be…. Yoo2Be is Inclusive as previously stated and not exclusive, all members in same sectors work very well together securing business in their areas and sub-contracting it to each other, therefore they are never turning business away and still gain something from it. You can pick more apples from the apple tree by standing on someone’s shoulders rather than jumping up and attempting it on your own.

So that is all for this week’s blog post! Please stay with us for next month’s entries, if you wish to feature on the blog as a sort of shout out for your business please do contact or alternatively contact and it will be passed on and we will be very happy to help. Also please feel free to let us know what other subjects you’d like to see covered on this blog and we’d be happy to look at covering them over time.

Thank you for reading.