And so we’re back with yet another blog post, and some exciting news for you all…… In recent weeks the Yoo2Be family has been taking off in new directions and exploring a new field to extend our reach and continue our Yoo2Be networking expansion.

Yes you all read it correctly within our title……… Yoo2Be now has its own Podcast and we have released one already with another 2 recorded since starting it all and to be released shortly. I will link at the end where these can be found so you are able to check them out.

So why a Podcast, well with the way media and technology is moving these days we decided as a forward future thinking networking group having our groups, the website, various social media platforms, this blog and the YouTube channel, needed to be supplemented by the Podcast as some members want to be heard and not seen. So our only plausible next step was to branch out into Podcasting so they could tell their story and show the expertise they have, and so far so good, it is really coming across well and we’ve had many volunteers from across the network wanting to take part, so look out in the future as there’s going to be so many more podcasts to come.

Our first podcast was recorded just over a month a go before our new prime minister, so the podcast was based around financial advice, brexit and Prime Minister uncertainty. This recording can be found on our Yoo2Be Networking YouTube channel, do head over there and check it out. The second Podcast is based around health and beauty and will be out on our YouTube Channel soon, all recorded using members from across our fabulous network.

The plan for the podcast is to get a few of them recorded and backed up ready to go in future weeks and months, podcast 3 this due for recording in the next week so will also be up on the YouTube channel in the not too distant future. There will be another blog post written in the next few weeks to try and get us back on track with them.

Thank You For Reading