U2B has two primary purposes designed to help you and your business.

1. For businesses to exchange quality, qualified business referrals to grow in sales revenue and become more successful.

2. Give & receive help and advice to sustain business growth and success within your industry.

Our core value is helping each other unconditionally and for U2BN members build long term mutually beneficial and productive relationships. Being a part of U2BN encourages and promotes helping, collaberation, facilitation and reciprocation.

Our partners uphold U2BN values and focus to ACHIEVE:

Act with purpose






Earn trust & respect

The Benefits of U2BN

Increased Business Growth – you will secure new and repeat business sales through quality referrals.

Board of Advisors – you will have your own boardroom of executives to brainstorm new ideas and work through challenges, resulting in answers you can use.

Professional Education – you will be given access to free business training and self development training to help with your business success.

Outstanding Networking – your brand and business will stand out, with exposure to showcase your services / products to a vast amount of customers with 50 meetings per year. U2BN is leading the way with the integration of in person meetings with online meetings.

Our meetings are just one element of building business success together. There is also our video help where you are interviewed showcasing your business and how your services or products solve a problem for people. This promotional information is free for new partners and is shared across all our media and social platforms to the wider public.

Our  Partner Training Program (PTP) is where we help you to learn the fine elements of referral networking, intergration of new partners into a group, how to deliver a powerful 60 second showcase, how to command and receive new business and much more.

Our meetings all have unique parts to the agenda, not done or found in any other organisation and created by our founder for U2BN. Our HCWHY and MS,MB are what attracts businesses to become members, because of the great results they produce. Attend one of our meetings to find out more about these productive parts of our agenda and how they will definitely help you.

You get an online presence through your business profile on our website and on our social media platforms, where partner successes are celebrated and engaging discussions take place.

U2B Networking offers you more than just networking, we offer you a fair and reasonable priced membership to secure referrals, develop yourself with training, and get help and advice. We offer you collaberation, connections, new business, new ideas, new friendships, a team and we guarantee success, in a community where we are building business success together.

Find your team and start building your success today with us.



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