Yoo2Be Networking has rebranded to U2B Networking (U2BN), and added a fresh new professional logo and a more professional brand. U2BN was founded in September 2016 by army veteran Sergeant Major Andrew O’Connell, he started it because something was missing from business networking meetings. This something was the time to share challenges that businesses face daily and get help, advice and answers to the questions that businesses were struggling with. The idea was an ethos of helping each other with these problems and helping to grow each others businesses with added success. A format was developed, never seen in business networking before and he aptly named it “How Can We Help You”. This became a businesses own business advisory board within the one and a half hour meeting, it gives businesses the opportunity to also share new ideas they are thinking of implementing into their business. This can be done with the peice of mind that any ideas will not be heard or seen by your competitors, because U2BN groups only allow one specialist profession per sector category. There are subtle other diffrences, we have partners not members, partnerships not memberships, our partners showcase their businesses, this is what we call our 60 seconds. Others had elevator pitch, or sales pitch or 40 second round. No one used showcase your business until it was used by U2BN, we call referrals, business opportunities. We strive to be different and unique with one focus “Building Business Success Together” because everyone needs help to progress and a group of strong people behind you, all believing and sharing the same ethos, will give you the results you want.

The rebrand came about because the founder did not believe that the branding at the time reflected the professional nature of the network and was not a strong brand to be recognised, it was querky and different at the beggining, which the network at the time wanted to portray, that it was different from all the other networking organisations. Like all businesses U2B Networking has evolved and become a strong network where professional businesses can meet and take action to be more successful, and add growth to their business. The rebrand will now capatalise on this and become a leader in the sector, with businesses seeing the great amount of value that they can get from being a partner in a group within the network. We are reasonably priced compared to others for the value given and have something different to offer that other networks do not.

U2B Networking is growing and aims to have groups all over the UK & Ireland, and in time all over the world. If you have not experienced a U2B Networking meeting yet, you will be quietly surprised at how rewarding they are, you can find out more information about U2B Networking on our website at www.u2bnetworking.co.uk and find your local group. If there is not a group near you, take a look at our start a group page and consider starting one, the benefits are worth it. The immediate future plan is to get our fresh new rebrand out there and bring businesses into our network so that we can help them.