Yoo2be Networking The Potteries Group

Evening Meeting 18:30-20:00 Thursday / Fortnightly

Esquires Coffee House
Lamb Street

Esquires Coffee House

Group Information

 This is a Development Group, a new group with an abundance of opportunities for new business. This group is working towards 18 members when it will become an Established group. Membership countdown is frozen in this group until it becomes an Established group, giving you the opportunity right now of free membership.
Be a founding member of this evening group, that meets at a convenient time and take advantage of all the new business and rewards the group has to offer. We only allow 1 business owner of the same profession in this group. Such is our success and quick popularity that some professions are on a waiting list for the group of their choice. Don’t miss out on getting in to this new group. Check the list below and see if your seat is free and then just book on, come and visit us and let us start helping you.


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Regional Director

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Area Director

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Phone Number – 07792123456
Email Address – bob@smith.com
Website – https://www.google.co.uk

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