Wow, that’s another complete decade gone, we are about to enter a new one, where do you see yourself at the end of the next decade? Interesting to think about isn’t it!

In our final blog of the year, we want to reflect on 2019, a year that has seemingly been stifled as a country, yet now has a direction. We don’t get involved in politics, but business wise, people have held back on certain things, that can’t be denied, but after last week’s election results, do we now have a clearer path? At least as businesses we know what is happening.

Looking at our partners in Yoo2Be Networking, it has shown incredible courage and determination to have seen through the difficult trading year, and many have actually prospered and grown, this and the outlook of certainty should ensure we have an exciting 2020 to look forward to for all. This however has only happened because of the support of each other and the fact that all of our businesses want to follow through our philosophy of helping each other.

When you go networking with the mindset of “how can I help you” it becomes a very powerful alliance, and covers all bases during any circumstance, such as saving businesses, stabilising businesses and helping to grow each other’s businesses. It negates the trading conditions of the country that are out of our control because it means our business partners take it into their own hands for each other.

We as a network salute and thank each and every one of you who has passed through the doors of our meetings, that includes partners and guests, because the thousands of pounds worth of business that has been done with each other, wouldn’t have happened unless you had the energy to attend and present your businesses the way you do and also to bring in new people to come and see how fantastic our companies are and what we all have to offer.

Indeed our recent Christmas meeting really summed up the whole year, we had a fantastic attendance, rewards for people who have gone that extra step over the last year, thank you to the teams that run the meetings, and of course, our annual comedy awards that show we have really enjoyed each other’s company over the last 12 months.

Yoo2Be Networking can’t wait to get started again in January, we are so excited about 2020, but first I think we all need a rest to recharge the batteries, as business owners and business professionals, we all work so hard, which means we must rest and enjoy the festive period, so we will take this opportunity after reflecting on 2019, to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and here is to a prosperous 2020.

Thank you again, see you next year when we all grow together.