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Ramada Hotel
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Group Information

All solid, long lasting things are built on great foundations and this group is no different. We are calling on local businesses that understand the great benefits of business networking to be a part of building the foundations of success for all who join this group.

We invite high calibre businesses to come and experience our tried and tested C.O.R.E system that gets you results from your networking. We aim to help local businesses add more success and growth to what you already have. Our memberships are unique, created by U2B Networking and leading the way, we are the future of business networking, this unique style of membership will not be seen at any other networking organisation (yet) just like our helping each other with business problems session in the meeting, had never been done before U2B Networking introduced it into a networking meeting. You can be one of the first to be a part of something new in networking. You can tailor your membership to best fit with your networking goals (every business should have a goal that they want to achieve from their networking). We don’t conform to regular networking, where one given membership fits all. After reading the group information check the member availability further down this page. If it says membership available or collaboration next to your profession, then there is availability for you to join this group.

What does the meeting offer in value?

Quality Business Opportunities backed up with qualified and real Quality Referrals

The difference is at many networking groups referrals are loosely given out, most are just leads rather than actual business and you still have to put the graft in and sell your sales pitch to secure the business. These type of referrals look great on paper but usually lead to nothing for your business and can be frustrating, as some of you will have experienced. Our business opportunities are guaranteed, meaning your fellow members who know all about your business (U2B Networking members take the time to get to know you and your business thoroughly) have done the graft for you, they have done the sales pitch on your behalf, they have told the customer how awesome you are, what you charge, how good your work is and that they highly recommend you. So when they hand you the written business opportunity (referral), all you have to do is contact the customer and arrange the date to provide your services or product. This is the future of word of mouth recommendations in business networking.

 U2BN C.O.R.E System – our system that brings you guaranteed                                                                             results for your business

Speaker – A talk on a relevant business topic to give value to the group

How Can We Help You? – Our biggest USP that brings so much value to members.

My Business, My Story – This develops bonds and an understanding of you and your business at a greater level than a 10 minute pitch about what your business does. People get to really know you and this resinates feelings, feelings lead to action and so people will want to bring you opportunities and referrals

There are many more benefits for members including marketing, promotion and free training that you will enjoy once a member.

The first step is to book onto the next meeting using the booking calendar at the top right of this page. If you have any problems with the booking, contact one of the team, their details can been found lower down this page. Once you have attended our meeting, if you can see a benefit for you and your business to be a part of our group. then all we ask for initially is payment of the very affordable registration fee of £70. Join at your first meeting and get a 20% discount on this registration fee. (This is only available till the group reaches 20 members, so for our group only 5 places left for this offer)

This group will launch when it has 20 registration paid members, why 20? Simple, U2B Networking does not want to waste your time coming to a networking meeting where the numbers in the room are not substantial enough for you to receive consistant value for you and your business. An added bonus, as you invite business contacts to the group and they join, you will recive a £25 membership voucher. Collect these and when your membership is due, cash them in to pay some or all of your membership, this reward continues throughout your time as a U2B Networking member.

We are looking for the following professions for this group:





Wills & Probate

Business Coach

Media – Video Productions


Web Designer

Graphic Designer

I.T Services



Wills & Probate

Vehicle Sales / Lease

Promotional branded products


Utilities Broker


Health & Wellbeing



Interior Designer

Travel Consultant

Virtual Assistant


If your profession is not on the above list, we still welcome you to come along and visit.






I really enjoy regular quality networking and receive Partner training which is absolutely free for all partners. For me, this gives me opportunity to raise brand awareness, showcase my business, discuss, and receive help and advice with business challenges, engage with other partners and promote offers from my business. I receive regular business opportunities, that bring in guaranteed new sales. The given value from U2B Networking is exceptional.

Our Partnership and events attract directors, business owners and decision makers, that value building long-term mutually beneficial relationships.
I thoroughly recommend U2B Networking Telford as a means of growing your business.

Sharon Wyatt

Director, Athena Leasing


I was invited to a Yoo2Be Networking Telford Group Networking Meeting by my client Helen Esslemont from Maplebrook Wills and I was a bit hesitant but she just said  come along as my guest and see if you like it. So I went and I was immediately struck by the welcoming nature of the fellow business owners and liked the way the meeting was run, so I had no hesitation in signing up there and then as a Partner. Then after the meeting another fellow partner Andy Wheeler who had parked next to me again who I had never spoken to before just said “How can I help you Carl” which just blew me away and showed the helpful nature of the group and their ethos of how can we help you.

So I would definitely recommend Yoo2bee to any fellow Business owners!

Carl – CLH Design & Print

Value for Money

“I find U2B Networking a fantastic group for both showcasing my business and for building and growing lasting relationships. The group is all about helping each other. There are opportunities to promote your own business, to help other businesses with advice and to share your own experiences in a way that can help others to grow. The U2B Networking group is remarkable value for money”


Ade Hughes


Bright and Beautiful

Great Business Opportunities

U2B Networking Telford has developed an impressive group of partners who all follow U2B’s mantra of “How can we help you”. This manifests itself in not just receiving good business opportunities, but also in providing educational and advisory support to help you improve your business. I’d recommend any business owner to give it a go.


 Shaun Philpott FCA

Managing Director


Andy is the founder of Yoo2Be Networking, ex-serviceman, business owner  and all round nice guy. He is great to do business with and presents  most outstanding talks. Andy brings so much to a room. Reliable, honest and giving are his key traits. Well Done! I thoroughly recommend this group and Yoo2Be Networking for anyone who wants help with their business growth.

Dave Turner


Gemport Jewellery

Advice & Support

“I joined Yoo2Be Networking not too long ago after a very warm welcome during my first guest meeting. I had only just started my own business and was eager to get the advice and support from more experienced business owners. Yoo2Be Networking gave me all of that and supplied me with my very first customers. It’s made a huge difference as it helped me gain more confidence and made me feel like I could make this endeavour into a success. I can highly recommend for anyone who’s starting out and can use an extra boost in business.”

Anne Bode

Anne Bode Design



Honesty, Positivity and Insight

What is different at Yoo2Be Networking? The Yoo2Be Networking ethos is very much about partners supporting one another and helping each other grow. From the moment I joined the Telford group, I was made to feel welcome and supported. My recent slot for ‘How Can We Help You’ greatly influenced the implementation of my Marketing Plan. The feedback/advice that I requested from my partners was delivered with honesty, positivity and insight. Immediate input on a specific problem, from trusted business experts – invaluable!!

Thank you Yoo2Be, and my greatly valued Telford Yoo2Be Partners ?. I look forward to our next meeting…

Helen Esslemont, Maplebrook Wills

Come and See What We Are So Proud Of.

The Advisory Team

Sharon Wyatt

Group Director




Matt Hopper

Group Operations Officer (OP's)

 01902 916996




Andrew Wheeler

Group Administration Officer (AO)



Meet The Group Members

Sharon Wyatt - Vehicle Lease / Hire - Athena Leasing - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 07791033775
Email Address – sharon@athena-leasing.co.uk
Website – https://www.athena-leasing.co.uk

Welcome to Athena Leasing Ltd

Athena Leasing Ltd has been in the Finance Industry for well over 30 years. Over those years we have built solid relationships with our customers, major financial houses and all the major manufacturers.

We can offer the right package for you, whatever your budget or circumstance to suit your exact requirements. This then leaves you to concentrate on your core business. We supply car and van leasing options at competitive prices and are always scouring the market place for the very best deals.

We have supplied thousands of satisfied and loyal customers, both business and private, over the years many are still with us today.

Our driving ambition is to supply our customers with their dream car, at an affordable price.

Andrew Wheeler - Financial - IFA - East Mills Limited - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 07969192923
Email Address – andy@eastmillsltd.co.uk
Website – https://www.eastmillsltd.co.uk

Description of Services

Established for 28 years and operating in Worcestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire and Warwickshire. Eastmills Ltd have 3 regulated IFAS with over 70 years combined experience in the Financial Planning industry

We value being fully independent and the first meeting with us is at our cost.

We specialise in providing :-

  • Creation and servicing of financial plans for you to achieve your financial objectives and goals both short and long term
  • Retirement advice and sustainability of income in retirement
  • Taxation and Investment planning for both individuals, and companies
  • Workplace pension scheme checks for employers and help and guidance with the ongoing duties.
  • Inheritance tax planning

We also offer employers Keyman, Partnership and Share Holder Protection planning

Matt Hopper - Promotional products - Recognition Express - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 01902 916996
Email Address – matt@re-wolverhamptonandtelford.co.uk
Website – www.recognition-express.com/wolverhampton-telford

Description of Services

At Recognition Express, your recognition is our business. We provide unique solutions to promote your image, As your direct point of contact; I take the time to understand & help with your promotional requirements, to enhance your brand awareness.
We’ve been in the branded merchandise business long enough to understand what works and what does not. We were the first to introduce corporate name badges to Europe back in 1979, and we have continued to innovate and lead the way ever since. Whatever your aims, budget or deadline, we have the solution you need.
This means, I am your solutions specialist; where our solutions, products and people will help to keep your name in front of the people who matter, and that increased exposure shall lead to greater customer loyalty and greater staff pride too.
Promotional Giveaways / Corporate Gifts / Clothing / Workplace Welfare / Clothing / Signage + much more! You name it, we brand it!
We take the headache away & do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.
All your promotional needs with: One company, under One roof, One point of contact & on One invoice.
Keep it all in One place with Recognition Express.
Paul Lennon - Electrician - Wiring Works - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 07850618456
Email Address – info@wiringworks.co.uk
Website –

Description of Company











Chris Gough - Business Consultant - CGR Business Solutions Limited - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 07790490879
Email Address – chris@cgrbs.net
Website – www.cgrbs.net

Description of Company 

Chris Gough of CGR Business solutions supports SMEs as Business Partners to help them exploit their potential. Chris has over 30 years of experience in Business as a highly ethical leader. He supports SMEs using an open, accessible, inclusive and collaborative leadership style, and is an effective advisor enhancing the capability of teams and individuals including:

Formulation/improve Business Plans/Strategy

Investor Readiness plans/decks
Building shared Visions
Establish and enhance Monitoring of Business Performance
Cost Reviews of business identifying areas for improvement/saving
Ongoing Business Support
Establishing/Enhancing Sales operations and governance
Help SMEs implement and define an IT Strategy

Shaun Philpott- Financial - Accountant - Copia Wealth & Tax Ltd - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 07515328368
Email Address – shaun@copiawealthandtax.co.uk
Website – www.copiawealthandtax.co.uk


Description of Company

Copia Wealth & Tax is a proactive firm of chartered accountants and business advisors in Wolverhampton offering total support to you and your business. We aim to reduce your tax, increase your profits and help you grow your business. We do this by:

  • Understanding your goals
  • Keeping in regular contact
  • Offering fixed fees and no surprise bills
  • Provide unlimited telephone access to our expert team
  • Providing strategies and contacts to add value to your business
  • Meeting with you to explore tax planning opportunities
  • Being a sounding board for you

See our website where there are over 50 5-star reviews.


Carl Hajdasz - Printer - CLH Design & Print - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 07772999568
Email Address – clhdesignandprint@gmail.com
Website – www.clhdesignandprint.co.uk

Description of Company

Hi, I have been in the Printing Industry for over 30 years, firstly working for (PCP) in Telford for 6 years. I then went on my own and formed CLH Design & Print and although it has been very hard work I have now built up my client database to look after the Printing needs of hundreds of Businesses, lots of Shropshire Town & Parish Councils, Schools, Organisations and Charities. Exclusively for fellow Yoo2be Networking Partners, I will give you 500 Free Top Quality Laminated Business Cards with your 1st Order!. So call me  for a Quotation. 

Tosca Lahiri - Computer - Web Designer - Wicked Spider - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number –
Email Address –

Website –

Description of Company



Phone Number – 
Email Address – 
Website – 

Description of Services


Geraldine Banks - Health & Wellbeing - Profile 2000 Health & Beauty Spa - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 01952299647
Email Address – enquiries@profile2000spa.co.uk
Website – www.profile2000spa.co.uk


Whatever your beauty and nutrition need’s we have the solution.

Profile 2000 has been in the health and beauty industry for 20 years and we pride ourselves on providing quality professional and friendly service.

We have a wide range of beauty treatments;

Waxing               Massage

Massage             Facials

Nail extensions                Pedicures

We specialise in our medical equipment LIPOFIRM MED


plus our Wellness centre.

We offer

FREE EVALUATIONS and design nutrition plans to get you results.

10% off full price treatments for businesses

15% off treatments for wedding packages




Phone Number – 
Email Address – 
Website –

Description of Services


Nadine Potts - Marketing Consultant - Nadine Potts Ltd - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website –

Description of Company

Rachel Reid - Graphic Designer - Rachels Creative IT Designs - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website –

Description of Services


Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website –


Description of Company



Asset Finance Manager - MEMBERSHIP AVAILABLE

Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website –

Description of Services


Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website – 

Description of Company

Rob Griffiths - Recruitment - Blue Orchid Recruitment Ltd -SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website –

Description of Services

Computor - I.T Services - MEMBERSHIP AVAILABLE

Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website –

Description of Services

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