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There are many benefits within U2B Networking, one of them being the opportunity to Host a group. The reasons could be that there is not a U2BN group in your local area or that the groups are already represented for your category. It is a rewarding process and the regional team will be helping and supporting you through every stage.

Hosting a group gives you the opportunity to grow your business with U2BN and receive a good progressive passive income at the same time. Unlike other organisations we don’t ask you for a fee, all we ask is for your commitment to the group you host, in growing it and helping your members get great value from it. If you believe you have the skills for a thoroughly rewarding challenge, are a peoples person and can follow a simple proven successful system, then our founder Andrew wants to hear from you. If you want to do this but are not sure you have what it takes our founder Andrew wants to hear from you, because he believes in people and what they can achieve without knowing it yet. To have an informal chat about the position of host in an area of your choice fill in the form at the bottom of this page or email putting “group host interest” as the subject title of your email.

12 Benefits of starting / owning a group:

1. Connecting with and meeting new businesses / customers within your local area
2. Adding new connections to your contact database
3. Secure new business opportunities, giving your business an area of new growth
4. You will be a prominent and go to person in the group and wider U2BN network
5. You will be the first point of call to connect with all new guests
6. You get to hand pick your own team
7. All meeting stationary and all you need to run a successful group is supplied
8. You will receive training to run a group, host a meeting and receive help with inviting local businesses
9. You receive your membership fee back when the group goes live
10. You do not pay any further subscription fees as a host
11. You will receive support and training
12. You will become part of a bigger successful team

Steps to Starting a Group

Contact U2BN, and have an initial informal chat.

Orientation Meetings

U2BN Foundation groups have orientation meetings for interested business owners. Here all the benefits and value given to a member are explained.

Visiting a Group

One of the steps of hosting a group is to invite you to an Established group meeting. To experience our “How Can We Help You” meeting format and see how successful they are at helping members grow their businesses. See how the group is run, meet the members, ask questions and get feedback from the members experience of U2BN

Foundation Group

This is when a group moves to having regular pre launch meetings and continue to grow the group to launch and becoming an Established group. The regional team are there, to meet everyone and help the group to successfully launch.

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