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There are many benefits within U2B Networking, one of them being the opportunity to start a group. The reasons could be that there is not a U2BN group in your local area or that the groups are already represented for your category. It is a rewarding process and the regional team will be helping and supporting you through every stage.

There is also an opportunity to start and own a group or multiple groups for a minimum of one year for a very affordable fee. You then secure 80% of profits from the group or groups.

12 Benefits of starting / owning a group:

1. Connecting with and meeting new businesses / customers within your local area
2. Adding new connections to your contact database
3. Secure new business opportunities, giving your business an area of new growth
4. You will be a prominent and go to person in the group and wider U2BN network
5. You will be the first point of call to connect with all new guests
6. You get to hand pick your own team
7. All meeting stationary and all you need to run a successful group is supplied (not for
group owners)
8. You will receive benefits above those of normal partners
9. You receive your initial subscription fee back when the group goes live
10. You do not pay any further subscription fees whilst in an Advisory Team role
11. You will receive support and training
12. You will become part of a bigger successful team

Steps to Starting a Group

Contact U2BN, using the form below the admin team will guide you through the options. You will be introduced to other business owners who started a group and experience and hear their success.

Orientation Meetings

U2BN have orientation meetings for interested business owners. Here the steps to starting a group are explained and discussed.

Visiting a Group

One of the steps of starting a group is to invite the interested business owners From an orientation meeting to a Group Meeting. To experience our “How Can We Help You” meeting format and see how successful they are at Helping partners grow their businesses. See how the group is run, meet the Partners, ask questions and get feedback from the partner’s experience of U2BN

Development Group

This is when a group moves from the Foundation group stage to having regular meetings and continue to grow the group to going live and becoming an Established group. The regional team are there, to meet everyone and help the group to successfully go live.

Starting a group or starting and owning your group in your area has many benefits for your business and you will be given all the help and support for a successful group plus the growth and added success of your own business. Just fill in the form below and one of the regional admin team will contact you.

Become a Licensee

We are expanding U2B Networking (U2BN) and we need the right calibre of people to help us drive the success of local businesses.

We are looking for confident, business minded, outgoing business professionals from all corners of the UK, to take licences and launch groups across the Uk & Ireland.

Are you one of those people looking for a new exciting challenge? are you tired of the corporate life and stress? Are you already a business owner who is looking for another income stream? that is ready made to walk straight into, with a lot of valuable contacts in your area. You may be a Veteran just leaving the service and not sure of your path or a Veteran already in business looking fir another challenge, this is an ideal opportunity for a Warrant Officer / SNCO.

This is the perfect opportunity for a professional with a good work ethic, personality, credibility and a winning mentality.

U2B Networking will provide you with our tried and tested successful framework to ensure your success and the success of your groups. You will be trained in:

pre “Go live” and “Go live” meetings following our successful structured agenda



Setting up and maintaining your micro site on our website

All the admin work is done for you

All the invoicing is done for you

Our founder has done the hard work, gone through the ups and downs, seen what works and what does not work and shares this knowledge with you, so that you dont hit these hurdles, allthe hard work of setting up a business has been done for you.


There will be an initial meeting to ensure that due dilligence is done on both sides and that it is a good fit for each other.

You will be allocated an area after an in depth discussion about number of businesses in the area, demand, and potential number of groups. This is to ensure that you have a high success rate from the start, this also comes down to your willingness to put the time and effort into your new venture.

You receive 80% of all the income, initially with 4 groups of 30 partners one meeting every morning Tues to Fri you could earn up to £28’800 pa for around 15 hours work per week. Take that to 10 groups and you have got yourself a profitable, lucrative second business with no full time commitment or loads of paperwork. All groups have an Advisory Team that run and manage their groups, these teams are appointed by you.

Most franchises will cost you between £20’000 and £60’000 and upper to over £100’000

Our licences are very modest and start at just £14’950 depending on the size of the area

We also offer a taster licence for those who want to test if it is for them. This is 1 group for 1 year at £1500

If anyhting you have read is attractive to you and you believe you have what it takes, then fill in the form below, ensuring that you tick owning a group. You will then be contacted to arrange an initial meeting and given more information.



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