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Every 2 weeks on a Friday at 10.30 am start

Next meeting is 3rd July 2021

Contact – 07827769681 

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Group Information

We are looking for ambitious, motivated Shrewsbury businesses who want to work with other local business owners to grow their businesses. We invite you with no obligation, to come and experience our tried, tested and successful C.O.R.E system that will bring you results here at our brand new Shrewsbury Foundation group. If something is going to be successful then it needs to built on solid foundations and this is how we start all new U2B Networking groups. We attract the right people, we share our ethos of helping others, our atmosphere and environment allow you to be yourself and we train you to get the most from your membership. We educate each other on how to find great referrals for each other and find the contacts we are looking for. Together we  bring in other business owners to add their experince and contacts, to build a successful group of business owners passing great business to each other. This is the foundations we start with and then we launch the group for success. Our sole aim is to get you more revenue in sales from referrals and add more quality connections to help your business succeed. Our memberships are affordable and the best in region for referral networking and you can join this Foundation group pre launch now with just £50. After reading this group information, if you are interested in attending a meeting, check the member availability further down this page. The group is a single profession seat policy. If it says membership available or you cannot see your profession, then there is availability for you to join this group and start building connections and securing business opportunities, that will lead to increased revenue for your business now.

You can interact at other groups with our membership, as long as the seat for your profession is free. This means under one affordable, competiviley priced membership you can expand the exposure of your business to new customers and connections in other areas. 

What does the meeting offer in value?

You receive quality business opportunities (our referrals). You receive opportunities for you to provideyour service or product, you do not receive weak leads, there is a difference.

All members, as individuals and as a team work hard to get the right, guaranteed business opportunities (referrals) for each other. Your U2BN members who take the time to get to know you, your networking goals and your business thoroughly have done the graft for you. They recommend you, speaking to people as if it was you talking, with details and examples of your work, what you charge, and that they highly recommend you. So when they hand you the written business opportunity (U2BN’s referral), all you have to do is contact the customer and arrange the date to provide your services or product.

 U2BN C.O.R.E System – our system that brings you guaranteed                                                                             results today

The Successful Format

U2B in the Spotlight 

U2B Heard 

U2B Helped 

There are many more benefits for members including marketing, promotion and free training that you will enjoy once a member.

The first step is to book onto the next meeting using the booking calendar at the top right of this page. If you have any problems with the booking, contact the Group Director Gareth Hughes. Once you have attended our meeting, if you see the benefit for you and your business to be a part of our group, then we give you the opportunity to join us with an application form and let us start helping you and your business.

We are looking for the following professions to kick start this group:



Financial Advisor


Web Designer

Graphic Designer

Business Coach

Life Coach

Media – Video Productions

Travel Consultant


Training Company

Market researcher

Wills & Probate

Vehicle Sales / Lease

Promotional branded products


Utilities Broker


Health & Wellbeing


If your profession is not on the above list, we still welcome you to come along and visit.



Producing Great Results

More than ever I am so pleased I joined U2B Networking Shifnal. Within days of Living in Lockdown, Andy had got us all together on video conferencing and we were off! Innovative ideas were shared for how we could support each other, business passed, and guests joined us too. I’m really enjoying this new way of working and the chance to present my business in this way. It’s really bringing out some creative thinking and producing great results.

Helen Heywood MBA

Marketing and Communications Consultant

Receiving Great Support

I would like to recommend U2B Networking Shifnal for anyone who would like to network within a supportive and friendly group structure. Being part of a small family firm it can often be hard to problem solve and get the right support in your business when you need it. One of the benefits of this group is the “How Can We Help You” slot when you can present a business issue and discuss solutions amongst the group. I believe this is one of the unique selling points which makes U2B
Networking so valuable. So as well as free advice I have also received written business that has paid over twice my yearly partnership fee and with the potential for much more. I look forward to continuing to grow and support the network.

Rhian Simpson

HRS Asset Management Ltd

Springboard For My Business

Yoo2Be Networking has been a great springboard for my business. With the ‘My Story, My Business’ slot, we each have the opportunity to tell our Yoo2Be Networking partners about ourselves, our career choices and our passion for our business. We All have a story to tell about why we do what we do, and why it is important to us. Understanding each of our ‘stories’ cements us as a group and helps us understand how best to help each other. I have enjoyed getting to know each and every partner and look forward to getting to know new partners as they join!

Thank you Yoo2Be Networking, and my greatly valued Shifnal Yoo2Be Networking Partners ?. I look forward to our next meeting…

Helen Esslemont

Maplebrook Wills

Advice and Support

“I joined Yoo2Be Networking not too long ago after a very warm welcome during my first guest meeting. I had only just started my own business and was eager to get the advice and support from more experienced business owners. Yoo2Be Networking gave me all of that and supplied me with my very first customers. It’s made a huge difference as it helped me gain more confidence and made me feel like I could make this endevour into a success. I can highly recommend for anyone who’s starting out and can use an extra boost in business.”

Anne Bode

Anne Bode Design

An Investment In Your Business

Most business owners don’t network. They’re either too busy, don’t understand networking, don’t see the value of it, or perceive that they will be constantly ‘sold to’. 

The fact is that for any SME owner, in whatever sphere, networking is one of the best routes to market you have, and one in which you are in total control. Networking also helps overcome the feeling of isolation that many SME owners  feel.

Yoo2be Networking is an active and thriving networking group, relevant for any SME owner. It is friendly and relaxed, with a focus on Personal Development, information sharing, mutual support, and building personal relationships. Everyone has a voice in Yoo2Be Networking. It exists for its partners’ benefit.

Networking is an investment in your business, and for me, joining Yoo2be Networking is one of the best investments I have made.

Ewan Bent,

Director, Shrewsbury Business Consulting Ltd

A Genuine Desire To Help Me

Having looked at and been part of other impersonal, ineffective networking groups where I always felt I was only a number, I was invited along to the Yoo2Be Networking group in Shifnal.

 I was so impressed by the friendly atmosphere and the genuine desire and willingness of the group partners to get to know me and my business that I joined after only my second visit.

If you are looking for a networking group that is not only friendly but also cares about you and your business, I have no hesitation in recommending this group.

David Mackenzie, Director

Trident Assett Finance Ltd


A Unique Style of Networking

We joined yoo2be networking shifnal just under a year ago and have never looked back…a friendly bunch and a warm welcme awaits for anyone who pops in to see what we are all about…our unqiue style of networking and how can we help you really means your not on your own…sometimes i feel ive known these guys for years i encourage any new business or exsisting ones to come along …

Martin Morris, Director

ALK Prini Ltd

Come and See What We Are So Proud Of

Meet The Development Team

Gareth Hughes

Group Director

Position Open

OPS Officer

Meet The Partners

Marketing Consultant - Martin and Jones Marketing - Victoria
Business Coach - Action Coach - Gareth Hughes
Graphic Design - place available
Printer - place available
Web Design - place available
Domestic Financial IFA - Richard Lent
Commercial Financial IFA - Seat available
Life Coach - Shirley Lane
Utilities - Cost Checkers - Mark Sturtivant
Training - Seat available
Independant Travel Consultant - Christine Jones
Accountant- Phillips & Co
Consultant - place available
Insurance - place available
Health & Wellbeing - place available
Vehicle Lease / Hire - place availiable
Bookkeeper - place available
Photographer - place available
Insurance Broker - place available

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