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We will meet at the Park House Hotel, Shifnal 

currently meeting online 

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Every 2 weeks on a Tuesday  10am for 10.30am start

Next meeting is 19th January 2021


07827769681 – Operations Director – Doreen O’Connell

Eliminating an uncomfortable selling culture to a helping culture – the future of business networking

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Group Information

U2BN Shifnal is one of our Foundation groups, all solid, long lasting things are built on great foundations and this group is no different. We are calling on local businesses that understand the great benefits of business networking to be a part of building the foundations of success for all who join this group.

We invite high calibre businesses to come and experience our aim to help local businesses add more success and growth to what you already have. Our memberships are unique, created by U2B Networking and leading the way for the future of business networking, this unique style of membership will not be seen at any other networking organisation (yet). You can be one of the first to be a part of something new in networking. You can tailor your membership to best fit with your networking goals (every business should have a goal that they want to achieve from their networking). We don’t conform to regular networking, where one given membership fits all.

What does the meeting offer in value?

Quality, qualified, written Business Opportunities (others call these referrals)

The difference is at many places referrals are loosely given out 10 a penny and you still have to put the graft in and sell your sales pitch to secure the business. These type of referalls look great on paper but usually lead to nothing for you the business and can be frustrating, as some of you will have experienced. Our business opportunities are guaranteed, meaning your fellow members who know all about your business (U2B Networking members take the time to get to know you and your business thoroughly) have done the graft for you, they have done the sales pitch on your behalf, they have told the customer how awesome you are, what you charge, how good your work is and that they highly recommend you. So when they hand you the written business opportunity, all you have to do is contact the customer and arrange the date to provide your services or product. This is the future of word of mouth recommendations in business networking.

Speaker – A talk on a relevant business topic to give value to the group

How Can We Help You? – Our biggest USP that brings so much value to members.

My Business, My Story – Tell us how awesome your business is, your journey and how we can introduce you to the people you want a connection with and bring you consistant business opportunities.

There are many more benefits for members including marketing, promotion and free training that you will enjoy once a member.

The first step is to book onto the next meeting using the booking calendar at the top right of this page. If you have any problems with the booking, contact one of the team, their details can been found lower down this page. If you can see a benefit of being a part of our group. then all we ask for initially is payment of the very affordable registration fee of £70. Join at your first meeting and get a 20% discount on this registration fee.

This group will launch when it has 20 registration paid members, why 20? Simple, U2B Networking does not want to waste your time coming to a networking meeting where the numbers in the room are not substantial enough for you to receive consistant value for you and your business. At launch, this is when our affordable, price you choose, annual membership is due and you tailor your membership as explained above. Your time as a member starts from this date, so as you grow and build your group, you will not lose any membership time. An added bonus, as you invite business contacts to the group and they join, you will recive a £25 membership voucher. Collect these and at launch when your membership is due, cash them in to pay some or all of your membership, this reward continues throughout your time as a U2B Networking member.

We are looking for the following professions to kick start this group:




Business Coach

Media – Video Productions


Web Designer

Graphic Designer



Wills & Probate

Vehicle Sales / Lease

Promotional branded products


Utilities Broker


Health & Wellbeing


Travel Consultant

If your profession is not on the above list, we still welcome you to come along and visit.



Producing Great Results

More than ever I am so pleased I joined U2B Networking Shifnal. Within days of Living in Lockdown, Andy had got us all together on video conferencing and we were off! Innovative ideas were shared for how we could support each other, business passed, and guests joined us too. I’m really enjoying this new way of working and the chance to present my business in this way. It’s really bringing out some creative thinking and producing great results.

Helen Heywood MBA

Marketing and Communications Consultant

Receiving Great Support

I would like to recommend U2B Networking Shifnal for anyone who would like to network within a supportive and friendly group structure. Being part of a small family firm it can often be hard to problem solve and get the right support in your business when you need it. One of the benefits of this group is the “How Can We Help You” slot when you can present a business issue and discuss solutions amongst the group. I believe this is one of the unique selling points which makes U2B
Networking so valuable. So as well as free advice I have also received written business that has paid over twice my yearly partnership fee and with the potential for much more. I look forward to continuing to grow and support the network.

Rhian Simpson

HRS Asset Management Ltd

Springboard For My Business

U2B Networking has been a great springboard for my business. With the ‘My Story, My Business’ slot, we each have the opportunity to tell our U2B Networking partners about ourselves, our career choices and our passion for our business. We All have a story to tell about why we do what we do, and why it is important to us. Understanding each of our ‘stories’ cements us as a group and helps us understand how best to help each other. I have enjoyed getting to know each and every partner and look forward to getting to know new partners as they join!

Thank you U2Be Networking, and my greatly valued Shifnal U2Be Networking Partners ?. I look forward to our next meeting…

Helen Esslemont

Maplebrook Wills

Advice and Support

“I joined U2B Networking not too long ago after a very warm welcome during my first guest meeting. I had only just started my own business and was eager to get the advice and support from more experienced business owners. Yoo2Be Networking gave me all of that and supplied me with my very first customers. It’s made a huge difference as it helped me gain more confidence and made me feel like I could make this endevour into a success. I can highly recommend for anyone who’s starting out and can use an extra boost in business.”

Anne Bode

Anne Bode Design

An Investment In Your Business

Most business owners don’t network. They’re either too busy, don’t understand networking, don’t see the value of it, or perceive that they will be constantly ‘sold to’. 

The fact is that for any SME owner, in whatever sphere, networking is one of the best routes to market you have, and one in which you are in total control. Networking also helps overcome the feeling of isolation that many SME owners  feel.

U2B Networking is an active and thriving networking group, relevant for any SME owner. It is friendly and relaxed, with a focus on Personal Development, information sharing, mutual support, and building personal relationships. Everyone has a voice in U2B Networking. It exists for its partners’ benefit.

Networking is an investment in your business, and for me, joining U2B Networking is one of the best investments I have made.

Ewan Bent,

Director, Shrewsbury Business Consulting Ltd

A Genuine Desire To Help Me

Having looked at and been part of other impersonal, ineffective networking groups where I always felt I was only a number, I was invited along to the U2B Networking group in Shifnal.

 I was so impressed by the friendly atmosphere and the genuine desire and willingness of the group partners to get to know me and my business that I joined after only my second visit.

If you are looking for a networking group that is not only friendly but also cares about you and your business, I have no hesitation in recommending this group.

David Mackenzie, Director

Trident Assett Finance Ltd


A Unique Style of Networking

We joined U2B networking shifnal just under a year ago and have never looked back…a friendly bunch and a warm welcme awaits for anyone who pops in to see what we are all about…our unqiue style of networking and how can we help you really means your not on your own…sometimes i feel ive known these guys for years i encourage any new business or exsisting ones to come along …

Martin Morris, Director

ALK Prini Ltd

Come and See What We Are So Proud Of

Meet The Shifnal Advisory Team

Group Director (GD)

Dorz O'Connell

OPS Officer



Group Administration Officer (AO)

Meet The Partners

Helen Heywood - Marketing & Communications Consultant

Phone Number – 07999229725
Email Address – helen@helenheywood.uk
Website –

Helen Heywood MBA Marketing & Communications is an award-winning agency based in the Midlands, UK. 

By using:
• Brand Management
• Change Management
• Events and Media Relations
The creative director of the agency, Helen Heywood MBA, has a background in marketing, sales and business coaching. Achievements include:

  • Successful marketing plans for business growth and interim PR management
    • A pioneering, successful community engagement programme for an outdoor learning centre
    • Increased sales for event bookings to maximum capacity
    • Award winning marketing for a £270m government education investment programme
    • First ever marketing manager for Cultural and Leisure Services
    This agency, renowned for their tenacity and energy, is for:

• Business
• Corporate Organisations
• Consortiums
• Trusts
Covering a wide range of services from concept to results, whatever your requirements, please do contact them for an informal chat. 

Gareth Hughes - Business Consultant - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number –
Email Address – garethhughes@actioncoach.com

Website –


Nick Watts - Graphic Design- Depict Creative Limited - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 07595879460
Email Address – nick@depict-creative.co.uk
Website – www.depictcreative.co.uk


Martin Morris - Printer - ALK Print Ltd - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 07860259252
Email Address – martin@alkprint.com
Website – https://www.alkprint.com

ALK PRINT LTD established 30 years based in the West Midlands ..ive been in print all my life so know a little bit about life with a press…

We are happy to be a partner of Yoo2Be Networking, we pride oursleves on our Service,quality of goods and and of course our Prices..

We print anything to do with paper and have many happy customers we are always happy to help..

We do mailing saving money over 25% on postage if possible.

we are happy to offer a Yoo2Be partner an offer where we will beat or at least match any like for like print job by 5%..and if we cant beat it we will be happy to offer FREE 250 business cards matt laminated free of charge (excludes design) first order only.

Dream,Believe and you will Acheive your Print dreams with ALK PRINT LTD.

call me always happy  to talk..

Anne Bode- Web Design- Anne Bode Design - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 07423501352
Email Address – info@annebodedesign.co.uk

Website – https://www.annebodedesign.co.uk

I am an all-round designer and the founder of Anne Bode Design, based in Telford, West Midlands. I offer a range of services, including:

– Website design and development

– Web audits and wordpress training

– Bespoke illustrations and iconography

– Email Newsletter Design

– Photoshop services (retouching)

plus much more.

With 4+ years of experience, including work for a marketing and design agency, I offer high quality products that can make your company stand out with a totally unique and professional look and feel. Websites are user friendly and easy to maintain and edit for everyone, including non-developers with no code knowledge. Moreover, all websites come with free training, hosting for the first year, and 2 hours monthly standby assitance should you get stuck. Working from a freelance basis, I offer top of the range services for an affordable tarrif, giving you the best possible product without breaking the bank.

Contact me for a free website audit or discuss all your design requirements

Rhian Simpson - Financial - IFA - HRS Asset Management Ltd - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 07854523117
Email Address – rhian.simpson@hrs-am.co.uk
Website –

My name is Rhian Simpson and I am an independent financial adviser, my company is HRS Asset Management Ltd. We are a family business providing specialist investment advice and we are really proud of the relationships we have built with our clients up and down the country and abroad.

 Some of the areas we focus on are:

 Tax efficient investment planning

  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Pension planning
  • General financial planning advice
  • Business protection advice

 We are also very comfortable with liaising with other professionals, for example accountants, solicitors and will-writers in order to meet a client’s objectives.

Communication - Media - Available

Phone Number – 07738715038
Email Address – ben@moogiesmedia.co.uk
Website – https://moogiesmedia.co.uk

Moogies create content for your media channels, offering Drone, photography and videography services.

Our drone services have capabilities of potential long flying times, that gives us an advantage when filming your project.

Also, we set up media centres at events, enabling you to show what is going on live and giving people the chance to see and attend. We interview people who give instant reactions that are authentic as well as trying to capture magic moments.

We are prepared to put your videos on our channels, ensuring further scope to your business and be seen by thousands of potential clients.

Asset Finance - Available

Phone Number – 07763588887
Email Address – david@tridentassetfinance.co.uk
Website –

With over 30 year of experience, Trident Asset Finance is a locally based, highly successful broker.

It can be hard for businesses to secure funding for many reasons – type of asset, new or recent start business, location – the list goes on.

Good news! We can access over 120 finance companies who will consider lending for just these reasons.
At Trident we are bespoke and take the time to know your requirements so that we can select the appropriate finance to secure the best chance of acceptance.

We fund hard assets such as vehicles, construction, agriculture, caravans & campers, boats & aviation, manufacturing equipment, print, renewables – bio mass, wind energy…

And, soft assets too; IT, Telecommunications, office equipment, hotel fit out, dental & ophthalmic equipment…in fact anything you can think of.

Why not find out more and give us a call today.

Blogger - Available

Phone Number – 07801247897
Email Address – kayleigh@moogiesmedia.co.uk
Website –

I offer blogging and vlogging commercial solutions for businesses and brands, offering a platform for you to be seen by thousands, we can take your product and demonstrate how it is used in a practical way, or we simply can write or video about your business,

We are what is known as social media influencers and our supporters will promote your products too by sharing our blogs/vlogs, we are one community which you can benefit from.

Be seen by thousands of people and in front of hundreds of potential clients today.

Wills & Probate Consultant - Place available

Phone Number –
Email Address – 

Website – 



Mark Elcocks - Insurance - IRCM Ltd - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 07855350817
Email Address – markelcocks@ircmsc.co.uk
Website –


Dorz O'Connell - Health & Wellbeing - Oh So Natural - SEAT LOCKED OUT

Phone Number – 01902 238893
Email Address – dorzaavani@gmail.com
Website – www.avanihairdesign.co.uk

Oh So Natural brings to you all the goodness of natural products, whether for inside or outside the body. Products that are not tested on animals, are vegan , halal, and have non of the what we call the harmful nastysides in them. From beauty creams to hair products, from vitamins & minerals to healthy drinks, we have a wide variety for you to try.

Motor Industry - Vehicle Lease / Hire - place available

Phone Number – 
Email Address – 
Website –

Welcome to 


Bookkeeper - place available

Phone Number –
Email Address –

Website –

Description of Company

Accountant- place available

Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website –

Description of Company

Photographer - place available

Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website –

Description of Company

Insurance Broker - place available

Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website –

Description of Company

Independant Travel Consultant - place available

Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website –

Description of Company

Media - Video Media - place available

Phone Number –
Email Address –
Website –

Description of Company

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