What a fantastic meeting, on June 25th our Shifnal group held a special guest day which all groups are able to hold, where we strive to get as many guests in the room as possible. Although we do strive to get guests to all meetings as per the Yoo2Be Ethos of How can we help you, we want guests to come and see what we are all about.

So Shifnal Guest Day couldn’t have gone any better. 19 businessmen and women in the room and lots of business opportunities passed between members and guests a like which is fantastic. Total buzz in the room, which is what we are all about, amazing variety of businesses which is fabulous.

The pictures speak a thousand words really, members and guests really enjoying their networking with us. We hope to hold more guest days in future across the whole network because they are a fantastic way of pulling in lots of businesses to showcase what we do as a network and allowing guests get a good taste of how Yoo2Be works.

Going forward we wish to build on the network as a whole and extend our reach across the country one group at a time. There are so many benefits of being a part of Yoo2Be and it is such a friendly welcoming network, using Advisory teams for each group made up of a Meeting Director who will lead your respective group meetings, an Operations Officer which will deal with Venue and food and contacts guests amongst other jobs, then we also have a Members Coordination Officer who will deal with all member queries and organises who will be doing the How Can We Help You questions and My story section of meetings for each meeting. These people are selected and put into place to help you settle into your Yoo2Be networking journey. They are not a leadership team they are simply in place to advise in any way they can. Within the network we also have a Regional Director and we have an Area Director to who are also there to help and advice all groups currently running.

Lots more to come from this. Blog and from the Network as a whole. Until next time, I shall sign off here.

Thank you for reading