So, it is now 2020, new year, new decade, new goals and new resolutions. But wait, a week has gone, the resolutions have already fell by the wayside, I am still doing the same things I did last year, and I am somehow, still getting the same results I did in 2019, Why?

Firstly, allow us to wish you a very Happy New Year, here is to a prosperous 2020, did the scenario above resonate with you? Does it sound familiar? Well fortunately not for the Yoo2Be Network and its partners. Because 2020 is the year of change and development to benefit everyone that crosses our path, the aim has to be to influence positively the business owner and entrepreneurs.

Business isn’t easy, and we are about to go through an unprecedented period of uncertainty as a country with Brexit actually happening, and no matter if you agree with it or not, but how are you approaching it, with possible opportunities for you, or fear of what will happen?

All of the above means a network of friends and colleagues who know how you feel becoming invaluable, and there really is only one place to network at in 2020, it is of course Yoo2Be, and here below is a brief as to the immediate quarter one plans.

We have new meetings opening up, the first one is a breakfast meeting in Wolverhampton, and not only a new area, but we are making this one a weekly meet, we believe that regular contact will bring even stronger bonds and will be the support required to see each other through. In March we also intend to bring our very popular brunch time meetings to Wolverhampton, 10am – 12pm, we have found that our Shifnal brunch meeting to be one of our most popular, and we intend to repeat this success in Wolverhampton to our new black country audience.

We are also relaunching our Telford meet, with our new venue, the Ramada Hotel, just off Junction 5 of the M54, we are open to businesses, not only from Telford, but easy access from Shrewsbury and surrounding areas too. With two big meetings planned on January 17th and 31st, it really is now the time to come and see us.

To cement what we offer we have also opened up our own training college, with the leadership teams enjoying learning about the plans for 2020 this week, and then next week a very special 2020 network planning workshop for all partners, in which they can decide what they want to gain from attending the meetings and building relationships.

To sign off, once again, we wish you a very happy new year for 2020 and also know that choosing to be a part of Yoo2Be will ensure you have what you need for your business growth.

Thank you for reading