Back with a new post, lots of exciting things to come from this Yoo2Be blog in future months, we are very hopeful that along with all the other aspects of Yoo2Be that this Blog will begin to fly. With the addition of more and more members coming on board guest posts will come on along, which will bring more followers consisting of members and guests a like. So onto this months post, a little bit different to the previous posts this one will be based on tips for networking within Yoo2Be. So lets get on and start from number one.

Networking Tips for Yoo2Be

  • Always be punctual to meetings and be a reliable person.
  • Make sure you tell your story, people will always buy people first.
  • Never underestimate the power of networking, just give it time and enjoy it.
  • Passing of business cards when your asked and try not to hand them to everyone in the room at the first hello.
  • Build relationships and friendships. LIKE- KNOW- TRUST is the only thing you should ever be selling in the room.
  • You should take an interest in all businesses in the room regardless of their size, you never know what or who they may know.
  • Always try not to isolate yourself. Make sure you introduce yourself to people in the room and get involved.
  • Use your mobile phone for emergencies only.
  • Help other people first and then they will endeavour to help you.
  • Prepare and practice your introduction about you and your business, but try not to explain everything about your business within your 60 seconds.
  • Always endeavour to dress appropriate for your business, if for example your a trades person then we will expect a good one to be busy so they may turn up in combat trousers with lots of pockets. If for another example you are an embroidery company we expect you to have your own work on your clothing etc.
  • Guests- This is the first time a guest has experienced Yoo2Be and possibly networking itself, remember your own first networking meeting? We are all hosts when it comes to this, first impressions last so always ensure you show them to a place so they are able to put their items down and then make sure to offer them a drink! Never leave a guest on their own, never leave them sat at a table whilst the open networking is still in process and always without fail listen to what it is they do.
  • With regards to food, please be aware the meeting director may need to get their food first so they are able to begin the meeting on time, after this your guests must always be offered first as this is only polite.
  • How can I help you & My Story- Never miss a chance, if there’s an opportunity to do so, then do it. It’s only 10-15 minutes of you in the spotlight. In the how can I help you round, if you have a point to make ensure the person before you has finished making their point, and that the MD managing the conversation points to you. Make sure you never talk over anyone, it’s not only rude to do so, it’s also very annoying. My story remember is exactly that, a story and not a pitch. If everyone else in your group does a story and you do a pitch, instantly people will switch off.
  • At the closing of the meeting do not shoot off, you’ve done all that hard work for the 2 hour meeting and when people want more information, you aren’t there. Many people will want to follow up on what you’ve said, and you are not there then the opportunity is missed and what might the guests think?

There are probably many more tips that we could cover but I think this will do for this blog post. Hopefully these will help when you enter a Yoo2Be networking meeting in future months. If there are any subjects you wish as readers to see covered please do leave a comment and we’ll endeavour to get back to you and see where we can go from there.

Thank you for reading