How to Become a U2BN Member?

The very first step and the best way to join one of our groups is to attend a meeting at a group local to you. This will determine if the group is the right one for you that fits your business and personality. 


Browse the groups by going to Find a Group page to reserve your free virtual seat or face 2 face seat. Register your details on that groups booking calender to receive an email link and further information for the meeting of your choice.


Attend the meeting on the day and receive all the value and benefits that it offers. You are not pressured into joining. You can visit twice as a non member.


Decide which group you want to join as your fortnightly home group, talk to the Guest Liason Officer or Group Director with any questions you may have.


Build and tailor your U2BN membership to suit your networking and business goals.


Complete the joining form and give it to the Group Administration Officer.


You are now a U2B Networking member and have access to all the help, support and marketing benefits to build your business success.

No group in your local area, go to our start a group page and see how you can start your own group and enjoy the many benefits that come with being a Group Host.

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