Wow, what a year, is it really the last few weeks of 2019 networking? After listening to founder, Andrew O’Connell, 2020 has some amazing opportunities forming and new systems coming in. But let’s look at what’s left.

Our groups continue meeting on their regular days every other week up until Thursday 12th December at Stafford where business opportunities will continue to be created, How can we help you rounds will still be where business owners get help and advice for their issues where assistance is needed and stories will still be swapped so we can get to know the people we are working alongside. I mean whoever has done business with a name, or like most, do you do business with people you like and have built a relationship with?

Then on December 16th we have our big Christmas meet up where all groups will come together to celebrate the years achievement in Cannock, for an amazing evening of entertainment, laughs and a glass or two of a Christmas drink. Oh, and there will be now what is the annual awards ceremony, where very few escape! Note you have been warned.

It is important as a group we take out time to enjoy the achievements over the last 12 months, to be successful in networking we firmly believe you should be thanked for helping others over the past year, because our partners go out and find work for each other every single day.

We have one more blog this year where we will no doubt have many thanks to give, but in the meantime, please go to our website, and book on to come and see us.

See you soon, and enjoy the last few weeks of the decade, yes, the decade would you believe.

Thank you for Reading