At a U2B Networking meeting it is not about selling at each other, it is about educating each other on the problem your service or product solves for people and bringing out your unique usp of how you do that.

One of our valuable benefits is knowledge sharing, knowing and trusting your group partners and getting involved in our “How Can We Help You” sessions. This shows others your experience and your subject matter expertise, which will lead to many referrals. Our meeting agenda also helps with gaining confidence in yourself and confidence in talking about your business.

Our Foundation groups are groups that have no physical meetings at this stage. They are a list of interested businesses that want to secure a place as a partner in the new group. Why do we do this? U2B Networking is about helping your business to grow and succeed, to do this our meetings need to have enough partners and guests to generate business for each other and to gain value from our agenda specific value sessions. No one wants to continuely turn up to a new group of 4 to 8 people while it is growing, so we confirm businesses first and this means the new group hits the ground running and continues building momentum. This is proven to work and our partners get referrals and value from the very start of their partnership. U2B Networking only have 1 of each business speciality in a group, only 2 names per business speciality are taken per Foundation group, with the place taken by the first business to join with a subscription fee as a U2B Networking partner. Alternatively you can pay a deposit before the first meeting takes place and secure your place for your business. You choose the amount you want to put down as a deposit, from a minimum of £10, all deposits are deducted from the partnership fee. A Foundation group moves to a Development group, when the group has 10 partners and starts Development group meetings. A group goes live as an Established group at 20 partners. All monies including any deposits are returned if any group does not go live from a Development group. Any deposit is deducted from the partnership subscription.

To register your interest in one of our 5 new Foundation Groups which are in, Lichfield, Shrewsbury, Sutton Coldfield, and 2 in Wolverhampton.  Go to our find a group page here on the website and scroll down to our foundation groups, click on the photo and it will take you to that Foundation groups page, where you can register your interest.