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Referral networking is about you being referred as the prefered supplier and service to new customers by members of your group. Your members help you secure new business easier and faster than you can doing it on your own. In business we all need help from time to time and that is why U2B Networking works so well and gets results for our members. Asking “how can we help you” is the ethos and philosophy of U2B Networking in all our groups, it is a mindset not to sell at people but to help people and your product or service helps people.


Your exclusive place in a U2B Networking group brings you the opportunity for help to be given on a regular basis and this is amplified during our ‘U2B Helped’ round in the meeting. U2B Networking and it’s members will help your business grow in sales, bring greater exposure to your brand and help with your business development


All our groups are single profession seats, with no one in the group promoting your product or service, this means that you will have upto 30 members consistently referring business to you for your products or services. This is done in a structured way with our C.O.R.E programme



Our groups have passed hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of invoiced business to each other, helping their businesses to grow through attending U2B Networking meetings. We provide you with a platform, the tools and the systems to achieve this at fornightly business meetings that are professionally structured, have a value productive format, are helpfull, interactive, enjoyable and without pressure to deliver individual targets. We are are team and together we grow.

Members and guests are given 60 – 120 seconds to promote their business in our ‘U2B Heard’ round and at every meeting a member has the opportunity to let us know all about them and how their business can help others in the ‘U2B in the Spotlight’ round. 

U2B Networking’s meeting format has been designed to be different from other referral networking formats. We want you to engage and interact with each other during the meeting, we want you to have a voice during the meeting. Yes there are the odd similarities to other meetings like passing referrals to each other, but that is where the similarity ends and our unique referral meeting format starts and we are very affordable for the opprtunity of gaining much more than a referral.

We strongly believe that a good group is a group that helps each other, where every member buys into that philosophy. A group that unconditionally generates business for each other with no pressure to do so, regardless of the size of the group. You only need 1 person to give you that life changing referral. You can get drawn in by the size of a group and the hype from within that comes with it, but once in, you can easily get lost in there, receive very little and become just a number. U2B Networking believes in quality over quantity, so that no member gets lost, but gets the deserved value from their membership.

We will never proclaim to be the biggest or the best but we will proclaim to look after you and your business as one of our members, U2B Networking exists to serve it’s members. All we ask now is that if you have not found your networking tribe where you fit in, give U2B Networking a try. Come and attend a group meeting as our guest. We are ‘Building Business Success Together’ You can choose a group to visit by pressing find a group.

Foundation Groups

We are always looking to start new Foundation groups and therefore looking for inspirational and charasmatic people to become Group Directors. Our GD’s come from all backgrounds, from business coaches to health & wellbeing consultants, from car leasing to IFA’s. Being a Group Director is very rewarding for you and your business and has great incentives as well. Your business will get a lot of exposure as you are the main person in the group and area, the go to person and you get to interact directly with many businesses, people, members and guests, not just in your group but across the network. You will receive many perks being a Group Director and it is known to boost your business growth.

If  you want to find out more information. Use the contact page, stating that you are interested in a Group Director position and the area for your group. You will receive help, support and training while you build the group. A member of the team or the Founder himself will get in contact with you for a relaxed, informal chat.

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