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The Small Businesses Choice For Networking

Why we are the number 1 choice for small & medium businesses for their business networking? Here are the reasons:

**No registration fee to be paid, saving you money compared to others**

**Best value for cost for referral networking**

**New group membership discount launch offer at all new groups for the first 15 members, making the group productive in a short period of time** 

**Affordable membership with choice of pay in full or monthly membership payments, compared to other expensive referral groups**

**No online meeting fees**

**Membership days only start to countdown when the group launches**

** Our successful and proven C.O.R.E System**

** An engaging, interactive meeting format that produces results, not boring and inactive like others**


U2B Networking is designed to sit in-between the strict meetings of some to the very relaxed meetings of others, it was the gap businesses were looking for in networking and we filled it since our Founder Andrew O’Connell launched his first U2B Networking referral meeting in 2016 in Cannock in the West Midlands. The meetings are structured, interactive, engaging, fun and deliver the results you want, because the meeting format and the C.O.R.E system drive this to happen organically.


Our Foundation  groups start with the solid networking foundations to grow into successful groups and fill up very quickly. This is because the first 15 members of these new groups get the amazing 12 month membership launch offer (let’s just say 1 cup of Costa coffee a week for a month will set you back more than what a launch offer membership breaks down to in a month). It’s a win-win, members get back their investment within the first couple of meetings and then everything is profit on that investment for the remainder of their membership. Join a Foundation group near you and start enjoying all the amazing benefits that membership gives, not one near you, go to our contacts page and drop us a message and we will look at starting one near you.


So don’t miss out on a seat in a group in your local area, because you can believe this, if your not fast, your last and someone else will beat you to it.

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Our Mission Statement

  • To build your business success, by receiving quality, qualified referrals, meeting the right quality connections to add value to your business, gaining business knowledge and experience and interacting in productive discussions that get results. All in a structured and productive 90 minute meeting.

U2B The One

At U2B Networking we want you to be the one in your group securing all the business for your profession. We help you achieve this, with no registration fees,  no meeting fees, no expensive membership, meeting an abundance of connections with the All Access Pass to meetings across the UK, secure real referrals, and receive constant help and advice for your business with your own Business Advisory Board. All members receive 2 extra months membership for everyone of their guests that join.

You will benefit and grow your business in many ways using our  C. O. R. E system. 

U2BN gives you a structured network of meetings to effectively showcase, market, and help your business brand, fortnightly with business owners that excel in what they do and have the Connections that you are looking for. Our Opportunities that present themselves to you at each and every meeting to bring you results. Your group members take the time to get to know you, find out what your networking goals are, find out about your service or products so that they can represent you as if it were you talking. This secures your Referrals at every meeting in order for your business to grow and U2B Networking takes accountability to ensure you are securing referrals. You get access to as many U2B Networking meetings of your choice across the country, with a U2BN membership. Our free business development training, to help further your business education and knowledge. All of this gives you the End result which is our C.O.R.E. system giving you the tools to build your business success. U2B Networking – Building Business Success Together.

Why Network

The reason that a business wants to or should  be networking is to resolve a part of their business they are not happy with or want help with.

What are the common reasons:

1. How to get more sales and where to find new customers.

2. How to find reliable referral partners to help and grow their business.

3. How to build relationships in order to showcase their services or products to build confidence in others to refer them.

Like what you have read above, but have no U2BN group in your area. Not a problem just contact us and ask us to start one.

We are always looking for group hosts, this is a great way to receive free 12 month membership into your own group, grow your business by engaging with all the businesses that attend your group. Your business gets a lot of exposure as you are the main person, the go to person and you get to interact directly with many businesses and people, not just in your group but across the network. You will receive many perks being a group host, and you get a progressive passive income from the group income, giving you 2 sources of income when networking with us. This is not a franchise opportunity, so we are not asking you to pay anything, we are just looking for the person with certain skills and characteristics.

If another stream of income during these hard economic times sounds good to you and you want to find out more information. Use the contact page, stating interested in a host position and the area for your group. A member of the team or the Founder himself will get in contact with you for a relaxed, informal chat.

Want to see what we are so proud of?

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