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You can join any of our new Foundation groups and groups under 15 members for only £56 for a limited time. A Foundation group is a new group building the right foundations for your success and growth, using business networking as part of your business growth strategy for your business. Read more about these on our find a group page. U2B Networking does not conform to regular networking where a one type membership fits all, you tailor make your own to fit with your networking goals for your business. No one else does this anywhere and is unique to U2B Networking. Once the group reaches 20 members, the group launches and your membership will only then start counting down. Why 20? at U2B Networking we believe that you network to receive value, to grow your business and secure more sales. We do not want you to waste your time and money, attending meetings with low numbers. At U2B Networking we believe in getting you results, we fill the groups with the right people and we give you all the tools and education to start profiting from your networking. Stop wasting your time with groups that do not deliver results for you. Find out about all the great value you get as a U2B Networking member by attending a group local to you. Just click on the Find a Group button and come along to find out more.


Our Mission Statement

U2B Networking’s mission is building business success together, by helping our members grow a successful business. This is accomplished by sharing knowledge, experience, and excellent connections, to increase your sales by passing quality referrals and achieving success with qualified professionals.

We Want You To Be (U2B) Invested In

Our C. O. R. E system. Connections, Opportunities, Referrals, End result. 

A Structured network of meetings to effectively showcase, market, and help your business brand, fortnightly with business owners that excel in what they do and have the Connections that you are looking for. Our Opportunities that present themselves to you at each and every meeting to bring you results. Your group members take the time to get to know you, find out what your networking goals are, find out about your service or products so that they can represent you as if it were you talking. This secures your Referrals at every meeting in order for your business to grow and U2B Networking takes accountability to ensure you are securing referrals. Build your own tailor made membership, in line with your networking goals. You get access to as many U2B Networking meetings of your choice across the country, with our All Access Pass. Our free business development training, to help further your business education and knowledge. All of this gives you the End result from your CONNECTIONS, OPPORTUNITIES and REFERRALS which is our C.O.R.E. system to your business success. U2B Networking – Building Business Success Together.

Why Network

The reason that a business wants to or should  be networking is to resolve a part of their business they are not happy with or want help with.

What are the common reasons:

1. How to get more sales and where to find new customers.

2. How to find reliable referral partners to help and grow their business.

3. How to build relationships in order to showcase their services or products to build confidence in others to refer them.

U2B Networking (U2BN) has been helping businesses since 2016, with our “How Can We Help You” referral meeting format. As a U2BN member we help you achieve the results you need to the above questions that 90% of businesses face, whether you are a start up, been trading for 1-5 years or trading for 5+ years. Go to Find a Group and book a free visit to one of our group meetings as our guest, to see how U2BN will help you add sales and connections to successfully add further growth to your business.

Want to see what we are so proud of?

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