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Building Business Success Together

Our Mission Statement

U2B Networking’s mission is building business success together. We do this by sharing knowledge, experience, and excellent connections, helping each other increase sales by passing qualified referrals and achieving success with qualified professionals in your group, through our “How Can We Help You” referral format.

Our Commitment

To give you the platform, connections, tools and help, that will build your success, educate, increase sales, build confidence and empower partners to build business success together. We give your businesses a win – win offer to join us and are that confident in our format and the results you will get, that we guarantee you a refund after 12 months subject to U2BN terms and conditions, if you are not satisfied with your results. Read partner testimonials about their experience with U2BN on the group pages and how it brings them results.

Why Network

The reason that a business wants to or should  be networking is to resolve a part of their business they are not happy with or want help with.

What are the common reasons:

1. How to get more sales and where to find new customers.

2. How to find reliable referral partners to help and grow their business.

3. How to build relationships in order to showcase their services or products to build confidence in others to refer them.

U2B Networking (U2BN) has been helping businesses since 2016, with our “How Can We Help You” referral meeting format. As a U2BN partner we help you achieve the results you need, to the above questions that 90% of businesses face, whether you are a start up, been trading for 1-5 years or trading for 5+ years. Go to Find a Group and book a free visit to one of our group meetings as our guest to see how U2BN will help you add sales and connections to successfully add further growth to your business for only £15 per month.  

You will not get any BS from us about how much a place in one of our groups will get you, to use as a marketing ploy or FOMO and then under deliver. You will make what you will, with your commitment, your actions and our help. What we will tell you is that after 12 months partnership with U2BN, you can get your partnership fee refunded if you don’t get results, as stated in our terms and conditions. You see we are confident in our format which is results driven, we are confident in all the value we give you that will teach you to secure sales, how to market your business, and how to grow and be successful.  We are the only network to offer refunds because we believe in our system and don’t entice you with BS, but we do keep your investment into U2BN affordable with a larger ROI at the end. Put us to the test and book onto one of our group meetings or start a group yourself with very good returns and rewards.

Want to see what we are so proud of?

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